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This service is intended primarily for separated spouses who wish to obtain an uncontested divorce in Canada on the grounds of a one year separation.

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Canadian federal guidelines you may want to review.

Statistics Canada dated March 3, 2002 released statistics about divorces in Canada

In 2019, Canada had the 2nd lowest divorce rate among G7 countries.

There were fewer divorces in all provinces in 2020, the decrease was particularly strong in Ontario (-36%) and almost one-third of divorces are now the result of a joint application by both spouses.

If you are ready to start your divorce we are here to help you make it happen, make sure that’s what both you and your partner would like to see happen, so that you can both go forward in life, and we we’ll help you with the most economical way of getting divorced.

One divorce web site online stated that is was Canada’s #1 Online Divorce for 18 years & 17,000 Divorces, but how can that be when Stats Canada states otherwise?

So when you are searching online for a divorce do some searching to make sure that you’re dealing with a Canadian web site.

If only one of you wants a divorce try to be as compassionate as you can to work through the divorce with compassion.

Communicating with compassion will help you both get through this journey.

You can even consider counseling; a counselor can help point out patterns and strengthens your bond with communicating exercises.

Communication is the most sacred part of any union.

Canadian Online Divorce

Marriage Certificates

You will need your original marriage certificate, or the original registration of your marriage.

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