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43,000 divorces granted in 2020
Joanne Stockton 09-05-2022

Did you know...
Around 75% of people decide on a divorce due to lack of commitment, followed by the 2nd most common issue is, infidelity @ 59.6%.  In fact, nearly 70 % of divorces are initiated by women; and Canada has the 29th highest divorce rate out of 87 countries polled.

Canadian divorce Online
Couples Married Outside of Canada
Joanne Stockton 08-10-2022

Most often the place of marriage does not determine where you file for divorce. If one of you have been living in the same province for one year, then either of you can file for the divorce in that province.

Canadian Divorce Online
Parenting & Child Support
Joanne Stockton 07-09-2022

If you and your spouse agree on the parenting and child support arrangements, our documents will work for you. We follow your provincial guidelines for divorce documents, so that you do not need to worry about it.

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What are Court Filing Fees?
Ann Brown 06-18-2022

We get asked this a lot.  This is how the court gets their money.  Each court has it's own filing fees.  You will be expected to pay this when you take your completed Canadian Divorce Online divorce forms to be processed.

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