Canadian Divorce Online

Est. 1994

We provide simple online divorces within Canada, including personalized support through your entire divorce process.

Canadian Divorce Online is proudly owned and operated in Canada by Canadians.

We specialize in assisting YOU to get a divorce WITHOUT the costly use of a lawyer. Our comprehensive and user-friendly services are the simple solution for getting your divorce in Canada.

    1. O​ur service offers fully prepared, ready to sign, divorce forms, personalized for your specific needs that the court will require to grant your divorce and our service is guaranteed 100%.

    2. No costly divorce lawyer or divorce court appearance required; and you do not need to be a Canadian citizen to apply for a divorce.

    3. Simple, easy to follow instructions to navigate the unique requirements of each individual province and territory in Canada to achieve your divorce as quickly and easily as possible.

    4. Divorce forms will be sent directly to you with our personalized instructions on how to proceed and where to file your divorce forms.

    5. Free and reliable divorce information & support throughout the process. "Perfect for couples whose divorce is uncontested!"

Important Note About OUR Prices

The cost per divorce is a set amount based on your province or territory.
The price listed is OUR TOTAL COST. We have no hidden fees or additional add-ons.
We are not responsible for your individual province or territory's court fees.
(That is paid to the government when you present your divorce documents to the clerk.)