Our Services

Our service is intended primarily for separated spouses who wish to obtain an uncontested divorce in Canada on the grounds of a one year separation.

What We Do

Our goal is to help you with your divorce and to make sure that the divorce is granted. We provide you with all of the documents necessary to enable you to obtain your own divorce. We will support and guide you through the three steps, one step at a time. However, as we are not lawyers - we can not provide you with legal advice.

What You Will Be Required To Do

You are responsible for providing us with the personal details required for us to type the forms up for you, taking the completed divorce documents to the court registry, and paying the necessary court filing fees.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your divorce documents will be completed in accordance with the information that you provide; and that they will be accepted for filing by the Canadian Court Office. If a problem with your documents arises, we will correct the problem!

About Us

Canadian Divorce Online is proudly owned and operated in Canada, by Canadians.

Canadian Divorce Canada

We Offer Personalized Support

Established in 1994; Canadian Divorce Online has been providing simple online solutions for a divorce in Canada since then.

We offers personalized phone support for you throughout your entire divorce process; at no additional cost to you.

We specialize in assisting Canadians to get a divorce WITHOUT the costly use of a lawyer.

Our comprehensive and user-friendly services are a simple, cost-effective solution for getting your divorce in Canada.

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